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Monthly highlights of WestEd's research, resources, services, and events to help all learners succeed in school and career.

R&D Alert Online

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS Helping English Learners Rise to the Challenge of Complex Texts

Learn a successful approach to teaching academic content and English language skills simultaneously, as developed by WestEd's Quality Teaching for English Learners initiative. Read the R&D Alert Online article.

PBS KIDS Transmedia and Digital Learning Games in the Preschool Classroom

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, & MATHEMATICS New Research Report: PBS KIDS Transmedia and Digital Learning Games in the Preschool Classroom

Download a new research study that explores how the PBS KIDS Curious George's Busy Day transmedia suite supports preschool mathematics learning.

In addition, visit the new Ready To Learn website, housing formative evaluations, technology needs assessments, impact studies, and outreach materials on educational digital media for young children and their families.

WestEd Webinars

Health, Safety, & Well-Being Integrating Mental Health Services to Strengthen School Climate: Register for Webinar

Learn strategies for implementing comprehensive mental health services in schools that can lead to improvements in school climate. Register for this
April 13 webinar


Teachers & Leaders Putting a Lens on Teacher Practice — Video-Based Peer Coaching

Video lets teachers see themselves in action and engage in evidence-based discussions to improve practice. Explore video-based peer coaching in the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning’s latest CenterView issue.

WestEd Webinars

HEALTH, SAFETY, & WELL-BEING Disciplinary Data Use and Research — Challenges and Opportunities: Register for Webinar

Learn how data can inform school discipline policies; the challenges and opportunities of using disciplinary data; and how one school district used data and research to inform its student disciplinary code. Register for this June 14 webinar.

two teachers examining a plant

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, & MATHEMATICS Enhancing Teaching and Learning Across All STEM Subjects

From technology literacy to the use of simulations to enhance student learning, WestEd directs numerous projects and services designed to improve STEM teaching and learning, preK through postsecondary.

Visit our Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics page to learn about our services, research, and resources.

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

HEALTH, SAFETY, & WELL-BEING Engaging Families to Improve Student Learning: Two-Day Trainings in Oakland, Long Beach, and Phoenix

Register for one of three interactive training sessions designed to transform the way educators engage families in advancing student learning and achievement in school.

AERA 2016


Join WestEd at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, April 8-12, in Washington, DC.

WestEd Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

AGENCY NEWS WestEd Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

In what decade did WestEd's Program for Infant/Toddler Care become the most widely used system for training caregivers of infants and toddlers in the United States? Learn the answer to this question, and read more historical milestones on WestEd's Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence page.

Resource Spotlight

Data Literacy for Educators

Data Literacy for Educators — Making It Count in Teacher Preparation and Practice: 30% Discount!

Designed for schools of education, professional developers, and school districts, this new resource illustrates how data can be used to improve teacher practice at all levels of professional growth.

Featured Initiative

REL West

Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West): Serving Education Needs in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah

REL West provides research, analytic support, and resources that increase the use of high-quality data and evidence in education decision-making.

Stakeholders needing research-based answers to pressing education questions can use the Ask A REL service.

Visit the REL West website to learn about our scientifically valid research findings and more.

WestEd at Events

WestEd at Events

Join us at national and local events. Browse our up-to-date calendar!

WestEd 50 Years - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

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