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Monthly highlights of WestEd's research, resources, services, and events to help all learners succeed in school and career.

SPECIAL EDUCATION States Collaborate to Improve Outcomes for Children with Disabilities

As states have shifted toward a results-driven approach to special education and early intervention services, the National Center for Systemic Improvement has been helping them implement strategic plans to improve outcomes of students with disabilities. Read the latest R&D Alert Online article to learn more.

Also, download the latest print edition of R&D Alert to learn how data can be used to target support for students with disabilities.

LITERACY Leading for Literacy: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach

This companion to the landmark classroom-focused Reading for Understanding gives schools and districts clear, concrete guidance, tools, and examples to improve the reading of students in middle school through college. Ideal for teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators.

Get your copy of Leading for Literacy: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach today.

TEACHERS & LEADERS Teacher Effectiveness Data, Demographics, and Evaluations: New Research

How can school and district administrators use teacher evaluation results to shape teacher development and make workforce decisions? What patterns do researchers notice based on teacher demographics — such as race, age, and gender — and their ratings in teacher evaluation systems? Check out the new research.

SCHOOLS, DISTRICTS, & STATE EDUCATION SYSTEMS School Turnaround and Supporting American Indian/Alaska Native Students: New Resources

How can states help districts with their school turnaround efforts? What strategies can educators use to better support American Indian/Alaska Native students? Download new resources.

COLLEGE & CAREER Ensuring All Students Are Prepared for Postsecondary Success

Looking for research-based expertise on effective practices that lead to postsecondary and career success? 

Visit our College & Career page for services, research, and resources. 

LITERACY Reading Apprenticeship Is Now on Facebook

Reading Apprenticeship is a research-based and research-proven instructional framework for improving the academic literacy of middle school, high school, and college students.

We invite you to like Reading Apprenticeship's new Facebook page, where you can learn more about this key initiative and get the latest information about upcoming professional learning opportunities and more.

WestEd Celebrating 50 Years

AGENCY NEWS WestEd Celebrating 50 Years

We hope you've enjoyed the highlights of WestEd's 50 years of making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults. As we head into our 51st year, our agency continues to grow, tackling real-world challenges to ensure success for every learner.

Read a sample list of WestEd's historical milestones and view the WestEd at 50 video.

Resource Spotlight

English Learner Students' Readiness for Academic Success

When is the right time to move an English learner student from part-time English language development classes into full-time mainstream English-only classes?

Looking at two student cohorts in Arizona and Nevada, this new REL West report offers insight into this important question. Download your copy.

Featured Initiative


Raising the Bar on Instruction
Helping Educators Transition to College- and Career-Ready Standards

Today’s content standards — including Common Core and Next Generation Science — require greater rigor than ever before in teacher instructional practice. The Raising the Bar on Instruction website supports educators with resources and services in five key areas:

  • Curriculum alignment
  • Assessment and accountability
  • Subject-area expertise
  • Diverse learners
  • Conditions for learning

Visit the Raising the Bar on Instruction website to learn more.

WestEd at Events

WestEd at Events

Join us at national and local events. Browse our up-to-date calendar!

WestEd 50 Years - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

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