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Special Edition: Improving the Success of English Learner Students

Build Content Knowledge and Language Skills in Tandem. Learn More From Aída Walqui.

“Traditionally educators have believed that it takes seven years for English learners to master the discourse, syntax, grammar, and other mechanics of English, and then, after that, they are ready to learn complex academic content,” says Aída Walqui, Director of WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners initiative. But with expert support from their teachers, she adds, such a wait is not necessary. Learn more in this R&D Alert.


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New Course Prepares English Learners for College-Level English, March 20

A new version of California State University’s Expository Reading and Writing Course helps high school students in 9th through 12th grade develop advanced proficiency in analytical reading, writing, and thinking. The new course includes integrated and designated ELD.

Join us to learn about the standards-aligned course curriculum, why its developers focused on ensuring cultural relevance, and lessons learned from teachers who have taught the course.


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Ensuring English Learners Meet Their Full Potential in STEM

English learners tend to be underrepresented in STEM, both in postsecondary school and in the workplace, cutting these students off from economic opportunity and job security.

A new report examines research on STEM learning, teaching, and assessment related to English learners and provides insights on how the education system can improve their learning outcomes.


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Strategies for Supporting English Learners’ Oral Language Development

How can educators ensure that all English learners have ample opportunities to use oral language in the classroom? And how can teachers leverage classroom interactions to foster language development, content knowledge, and analytical thinking?

In this post, WestEd’s Aída Walqui and Margaret Heritage offer six strategies for promoting high-quality interactions and clarify common misconceptions about language learning.


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Register for Spring and Summer Institutes

Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) Summer Institutes

QTEL Institutes prepare educators to design learning experiences that challenge and support English learners to engage in rigorous disciplinary work. Participants will learn to plan activities that simultaneously build students' content knowledge, language, and analytical practices. Offerings include elementary and secondary literacy, math, ESL, coaching, curriculum design, and site and district leadership.

Leading with Learning Summer Institutes: Implementing Integrated Science, Literacy, Math, English Language Arts, Social Science, and English Language Development

Leading with Learning institutes help educators foster academic conversations, abundant writing, and interactive reading among students. Participants learn how to facilitate discussion about language in complex texts, provide scaffolding, and create culturally responsive learning environments. The new TK-1 institute supports teachers to teach foundational reading skills and engage children with complex texts and academic language.

How to Tell the Difference Between Language Acquisition and a Learning Disability Among English Learners Who Are Struggling Academically

How do educators know if an English learner student’s academic difficulties are related to language acquisition, a learning disability, or other factors?

This archived webinar illustrates how a deep understanding of the lives of English learners can help educators more accurately assess students’ language acquisition progress and inform decisions about when to seek additional supports.


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