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Special Edition: High-Quality STEM Teaching and Learning

Educators at Play! STEM Game Makes Professional Learning Purposeful and Fun

Imagine you are responsible for leading a professional learning series designed to help teachers construct effective science lessons. A new game, developed and published by WestEd, gives school leaders immersive practice with various scenarios for shaping successful training. For example, with a budget for just six teachers to attend a study group, how would you make decisions about who joins? 

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NGSS Implementation: A New Vision for K–12 Science Education

This framework defines the key knowledge and actions science education leaders use to implement the Next Generation Science Standards. It details six foundational knowledge areas, 11 critical actions, and other specific ways leaders can influence and sustain three-dimensional science instruction.

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Carnegie Math Pathways: Connecting Math to Real-World Problems

Research shows Carnegie Math Pathways students are completing their first college-level math course at triple the rate of those in traditional developmental course sequences and in half the time. What’s more, they are more than twice as likely as those in the traditional sequences to earn a four-year degree. 

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Making Sense of SCIENCE's "Ripple" Effect Leads to Higher Student Achievement

Effective professional learning must have an impact that ripples through teachers, on to classrooms, then on to students. Judy Meredith, K–12 science curriculum coach in Arizona’s Peoria Unified School District, knows firsthand about Making Sense of SCIENCE's (MSS) positive impact on student learning. “[MSS] is creating teachers able to help students learn how to think well, not just regurgitate information,” she says.

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Making High-Quality STEAM Education a Reality for All Students

Culturally and linguistically diverse students often receive unequal access to, and inadequate instruction in, STEAM subjects in K–16 education settings. Featuring chapters from both researchers and practitioners, this new edited volume presents promising practices in STEAM education that reflect and utilize students’ diversity.

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Discover WestEd Strategies to Power Your STEM Teaching and Learning

Social-Emotional Learning and Literacy in Science: Get a firsthand glimpse at ways to engage students in understanding their own reading and thinking processes while building resilience, stamina, confidence, and competence.

Evidence-Based Argumentation in Science: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach: Learn how to use the Reading Apprenticeship framework to socialize students into argumentation in the science classroom.

New Evidence for Effectiveness of Professional Learning Communities: Learn new research related to the design, implementation, and results of successful PLCs, including how PLCs directly impact teacher retention, teacher practice, and student success.

Teaching Math Through Student-Worked Examples: Learn how to use worked examples in instruction and incorporate them into curriculum plans.

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