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How Savvy Leaders Are Beating the Budget Crisis

Around the country, school districts face steep cost increases in areas such as employee pensions, special education services, and maintenance. Read the latest from R&D Alert to learn how some budget leaders are responding with creative and cost-effective strategies to improve student outcomes.

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Five Tips for Creating a Safe, Supportive Zone

Research shows that 45 percent of all children in the United States have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience. Trauma can decrease students’ ability to pay attention, regulate emotion and behavior, or develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

The good news is that trauma-informed practices help boost resilience, promote well-being, and mitigate the effects of trauma. Learn five important steps to making schools safe and supportive zones for learning.

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Metal Detectors for Improved School Safety? Review the Evidence.

With the tragedies of school violence igniting calls for increased physical safety and security, installing metal detectors is emerging as a popular solution. Districts considering the use of metal detectors should review the evidence, however.

This brief summarizes what’s known about metal detectors in schools and in other settings, including prevalence, effectiveness, cost, and the potential impact on students and learning environments.

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School Improvement in the Charter School Setting, May 7, 11am (Pacific): Register Today

Learn about how WestEd's Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement framework can be used in the charter context and hear firsthand from a charter school leader about how key practices in the framework are being used to support improvement in her school.

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Prime Your School for Improvement in Six Steps

WestEd partners with schools and districts to conduct comprehensive needs assessments designed to illuminate systemwide issues, strengths, and areas in need of improvement. Uniquely tailored to your challenges, our process ensures accelerated improvement, long-term growth, and lasting positive impact.


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It Takes More Than a Village

City mayors can have an important role in cultivating better understanding of what youth need to learn and succeed. They can also support the school districts their cities.

The Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable at WestEd works with the Tucson Mayor and staff from the Tucson Unified School District to support re-engagement efforts. A new report from America’s Promise Alliance showcases young people’s perspectives about the barriers and supports to re-engaging with high school.

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