Transforming Schools Through Distributed Leadership: A Path to Equity

2017 Spring and Summer Institutes

April 24-25 Phoenix, AZ | April 27-28 Oakland, CA

June 1-2 Flagstaff, AZ | June 20-21 Los Alamitos, CA

This 2-day institute guides participants in designing a school improvement process that uses distributed leadership to shape a collaborative culture of teaching and learning.

The institute is led by WestEd transformational leadership coaches, a cadre of experienced turnaround administrators and lead teachers. Designed to enable schools and districts to build a deep reservoir of leadership capacity, the institute supports the goal of equity through mutual accountability and a shared commitment to meeting the needs of all students.

The institute focuses on strengthening leadership competencies in four major areas:

  • Grounding instructional leadership teams in practices that support equity and high achievement for all students
  • Applying distributed leadership models based on mutual accountability
  • Distributing accountability to instructional leadership teams throughout the school
  • Developing and deploying transformational leaders

Participants will engage in the following collaborative, interactive tasks:

  • Unpack how distributed leadership teams build capacity for school improvement
  • Strengthen leadership team models by using the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and Turnaround Leadership Competencies 
  • Develop a site-based plan for implementing a distributed instructional leadership model
  • Join a network of administrators and teacher leaders striving to link leadership and equity

WestEd Transformational Leadership Coaching is an innovative model for helping schools and districts build systemic support that both deepens and broadens their leadership capacity. The goal is to ensure that the work of new and emerging leaders reflects national and state professional leadership standards and/or turnaround leader competencies. As they build this support, schools and districts create shared leadership and mutual accountability for achieving equity and high-level student achievement.