English Learners

English Learners with Disabilities: Challenges, Strategies, and Tools for Inclusive Schools

For: teachers, administrators, instructional leaders, support personnel

Explore the unique needs of English Learners, students with disabilities, and dual-identified students in this intensive two-day institute. You will leave with a deeper understanding of how to differentiate the learning characteristics of each group, as well as how to incorporate research-based strategies into daily instruction to make grade level content more accessible for diverse learners.

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Leading with Learning: Building Equity for English Learners

For: California teachers of all subjects, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, principals, district and county office leaders

In this three-day institute, teachers and leaders will be coached to implement integrated science, literacy, and English language development. Participants will deepen their understanding of California's ELA/ELD frameworks and science standards, provide planned and just-in-time scaffolding, and create culturally responsive learning environments.

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Leading with Learning: Supporting English Learners in Math

For: California math teachers, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, principals, district and county office leaders

This institute focuses on deepening understanding of the components of high-quality instruction that integrates California’s state standards in mathematics and English language development (ELD), so that all students can successfully develop deep mathematical knowledge, analytical skills, and the English language simultaneously.

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Quality Teaching for English Learners: Summer Institutes

For: K-12 teachers of English learners, school and district administrators

This intensive summer institute will introduce you to the five QTEL principles: sustaining academic rigor, holding high expectations, engaging students in quality interactions, sustaining a language focus, and developing quality curriculum. You will develop skills in implementing these principles and six types of scaffolding, as well as designing lessons that draw on the rich experiences of English Learners, allow students to access academically rigorous concepts, and accelerate language acquisition.

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  • July 13 - 17 (San Francisco, CA)
  • July 20 - 24 (San Francisco, CA)
  • August 3 - 7 (Washington, D.C.)


Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Live

For: Middle, high school, and college teachers of all subjects

Model for students the strategies you use as an expert reader in your subject area! In this introductory institute, you'll learn to engage students in recognizing their own thinking processes ("metacognition"), simultaneously accelerate subject area learning and literacy, foster problem-solving skills and persistent learning dispositions, and ultimately turn the sustained work of learning back to students.

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Reading Apprenticeship: Leadership Community of Practice

For: College and university instructors of any level or subject area, whose practice of Reading Apprenticeship is ongoing

Learn how to deepen your own implementation of Reading Apprenticeship. Engage colleagues in collaborative inquiry into the framework, disciplinary reading processes, and metacognitive conversation – ultimately helping colleagues make the complex, invisible processes they use as expert readers in their disciplines visible to students.

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Formative Assessment

Formative Insights: Fostering Student Agency in the Classroom

For: teachers

Transform assessment into growth opportunities, generate collective agency in your classroom, and meet students where they are in their learning. In this 2-day institute, participants learn to use formative assessment tools and practices to bolster student agency. Through experiential learning modules and collaborative activities, teacher teams will deepen their knowledge of assessment research and develop their ability to elicit, interpret, and act on evidence to help students drive their own learning progress forward.

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Formative Insights: School Leadership for Transforming Schoolwide Assessment Cultures

For: School or district administrators

Expand collective agency in your school or district and transform your learning culture! In this 2-day institute, school and district leaders learn how to facilitate dramatic instructional shifts and mindset changes for both teachers and students through improved formative assessment practices. Participants will learn the five guiding principles for formative assessment leadership, to identify incremental changes in teacher and student roles, develop site-specific tools to support improvements, and practice new models for feedback and communication through ample experiential learning exercises.

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